It seems that every year China gobbles up a bigger share of the world’s best wines. Yet when it comes to producing great wine, China makes none. Until now. It would seem in a country so vast that a great wine growing region must exist. The minds at Moet Hennessy thought so too and sought it out. After years of research they settled on the foothills of the Himalaya, high in the Yunnan province, and charged Maxence Dulou, with creating a world class Cabernet Sauvignon from vineyards exceeding 8500 feet in elevation.

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              Maxence Dulou, Estate Manager, Ao Yun


Ao-Yun-20132013, Ao Yun, Cabernet Sauvignon

An impressive first vintage. Dark plum aromas combined with complex earthy notes of mushroom, green pepper, spices, and dried violets. The texture is super velvety, suggesting a wine of much more maturity. Dark berries and plum compote flavors combine with a unique earthiness that is neither like Bordeaux or California cabernet. Decent, yet not bold acidity backs up a super long finish of velvety tannins.

                           SRP: $300