For a long time wine from South Africa suffered a reputation of low quality, mass produced jug wine. But a group of young wine makers are out to change all that. People like Donovan Rall are searching the growing regions of South Africa for old, high quality vineyards, that produce high quality fruit that was once blended into bulk wine. Today, Rall is making some of South Africa’s most dynamic wines.

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Donovan Option

Donovan Rall, Winemaker, Rall Wines

IMG_16002016 Grenache Blanc, Rall Wines

This wine shows a very complex nose of apricot, pear and apple along with hints of minerality. Flavors of apple and pear are balanced with a lush mouth-feel and bright lemony acidity.   The finish is long and complex. Perfect for grilled fish!

SRP: $27


White2015 Rall White, Rall Wines

A slightly funky nose blends with tree fruit and notes of minerality. The balanced flavors show fresh citrus, hints of oak and cream fraiche all combining in a complex and long finish highlighting lemony acidity with good weight.

SRP: $26




2016 Old Vine Cinsault, Rall Wines

A spicy nose gives way to fruity and floral aromas. Flavors of raspberry and cherry are given structure by bright acidity and grippy tannin.   Great summertime red that will pair wonderfully with barbecue!

SRP: $27



Cinsault2014 Rall Red, Rall Wines

A wonderfully integrated nose of earth, fruit and spice. Flavors of dark cherry and plum lead to some savory notes. The wine is balanced with silky tannin, bright acidity, integrated with hints of spicy wood and a long finish showing off black pepper flavors.

SRP: $25