Do you have an idea of what New Zealand sauvignon blanc is all about? Kevin Judd, a pioneering New Zealand winemaker, shatters that mold with his Greywacke sauvignon blanc, particularly with his wild fermentation bottlings. Join John as he talks Kiwi sauv blanc and more with Kevin Judd.

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Kevin Judd, Winemaker, Greywacke and Dixie



2015 Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc

This greenish yellow star bright wine has a touch of sliver color. The nose starts with grapefruit followed by passion fruit and fresh herbs. This medium bodied wine is packed with creaminess and flavors of lime stone fruit and a good bit of minerality and crisp acidity.


SRP: $23



gwk_wildsauv_nv_nobackground2014 Greywacke Wild Sauvignon Blanc

This wine leads with a savory nose of cream fraiche, dried herbs and a touch of vanilla.On the palate the wine is creamy with a deep complexity. Flavors include lime, papaya and cheese rind along with a chalky finish with crisp acid. “It’s sauvignon, but not as we know it.”


SRP: $25



gwk_pinotnoir_nv_nobackground2014 Greywacke Marlborough Pinot Noir


 A floral nose follows with bright red berries ending with spicy cinnamon notes. The medium bodied wine has flavors of strawberry jam, fresh black cherries balanced by bright acidity and a good hit of tannin.


SRP: $28